Choose your Seminar

What we offer is a comprehensive walk-through from getting the overview of your finances to setting your investment strategy.

We advise starting with the Go Beyond Budget(s) Workshop and then move to the Investment Course.


The Go Beyond Budget(s) Workshop

We call it a Workshop because you are the one doing the work. But we will guide you through the process.

  • Create a Yearly Spending Plan from scratch using our spreadsheet template and learn how to maintain it investing just 10 minutes a month.
  • Optimize that plan to reflect your goals and spending priorities and save a noticeable amount every month on rent, transportation, groceries, insurances and taxes.

The Investment Crash Course

You’ll discover:

  • Everything you can do with your money in Switzerland with pros and cons
  • How the most popular financial advices are often plain wrong

The key is that we are not selling anything so we are completely neutral.

Although the topic of this course is investments, we do not provide investment advice.