Our Mission Statement:

To educate, and empower (equip) individuals and families to make conscious and responsible financial decisions – not so they can greedily accumulate wealth, but so they can use money as a tool to reach their life goals.

We do this by teaching them how to:

  • Get control over their personal finances, by deciding consciously how their money is spent while keeping the time requirements of the monitoring at a minimum and eliminate financial worry.
  • Optimize their spending plans so that more money is spent towards things that matter to them and less money is spent towards things that do not matter to them.
  • Discern the essential principles of wealth building so that they may choose the most adequate investment strategy for them taking into account their appetite for growth and risk tolerance.

Our educational programs are designed to equip and assist anyone to direct his own personal finance and investment decisions in order to achieve their life goals.

The Problems We Solve:

The domain of personal finances and investments is not of mainstream interest. Although « getting rich » might be a goal for some people, the majority simply aspires to a life without financial worry. That is: going through life without having to count every penny while reaching their life goals and without having to become an expert in tax laws and stock market indicators. Most people want a simple actionable plan to not worry about having enough money at the end of the month, spend frivolously on their hobbies, and have enough wealth to stop working for an income at some point in their life, whether that point is retirement age or sooner. This is what we call mastering your money.

Mastering money is hindered by obstacles:

  • Lack of interest leading to poor decisions: Most people have better things to do than to develop a financial plan and that is not a flaw of character, on the contrary. The most important things in life cannot be bought. But the lack of interest in personal finance results in a lack of decision. And lack of decision is a decision itself. We aim at making finances less boring, at least for the time needed to decided on a plan and set it in motion. Once the plan is rolling, people don’t have to maintain that interest until their circumstances change.
  • Lack of Discipline: Building wealth is a long-term process that requires persistence. Life will provide a multitude of distractions and obstacles to derail you from achieving your goals. We provide education and support to keep you on track.
  • Ignorance of Principles that Lead to Wealth: The same old half-truths repeated elsewhere such as “investing in the stock market is like gambling”, “real estate never goes down” and “there is nothing safer than gold” are dangerously misleading. We offer financial education based on data instead of dogma. 
  • Conflicted Financial Advice: Selling investment products and financial education under the same roof is a conflict of interest that biases the financial advice delivered. What is most profitable to the advisor may not be most profitable to the client. We sell only education. 
  • Overwhelming Amount of Ressources: Wanting to get a hold on their finances and start to invest for their future is a decision most of us take at least once in our life. But where to start? And who to trust? We provide a simple and comprehensive approach designed to equip participants for doing their own research while also providing our own guidance.

Each of these wealth destroying forces are caused by lack of financial intelligence and are defeated through education and support. The end goal of that education is that any participants will have the necessary tools and knowledge to use money as a tool to achieve their life goals through an actionable plan.

The Solution We Provide:

My Money Plan’s mission statement guides us to offer the highest quality, most complete, relevant, actionable, financial education so that you can overcome the obstacles to mastering your money. We support you to not only believe financial success is possible, but we provide the tools and resources to help you make that desire a reality in this lifetime.

My Money Plan is a learning system where employees and clients alike contribute educational content to support all users in attaining freedom from financial mediocrity. The following principles and values govern how we manage this knowledge repository for the benefit of all:

  • Personal choice and responsibility: We believe that everyone should be free of making their own choices, especially regarding money management. We do not advocate for a life of privation for the purpose of building wealth. We do not recommend spending everything you earn and more either. We promote conscious life choices.
  • Independence: We honor the principle of teaching a person to fish for life instead of merely giving that person a fish today. For that reason we never make specific securities or market recommendations. Instead, we teach people how to make their own financial decisions so that they can become independent of any one expert’s advice.
  • Trust: We want to earn your trust because we believe it to be the basis of any successful relationship. We will always have your best interest in mind and if we can a mistake, we will own it and offer reparation. 
  • Transparency: We will always tell you how much our services cost upfront. If we get a commission because we recommend certain tools (brokers, insurance providers, etc.) that we use ourselves or external ressources (books, videos, etc.), we will tell you.
  • Customer Satisfaction: If you are not satisfied with our products or services, we do not want your money so we will send it back. We only want satisfied customers.
  • Confidentiality: We treat customer data as if it was our own. We do not sell it. We store it on encrypted servers and strictly restrict the access internally. We offer to delete customer data once service has been provided.
  • Separation of Education and Sales of Financial Services: Financial education should be separate from investment product sales because combining the two under one roof can bias the information provided.
  • Principle Based: All teachings must have a durable purpose based on proven principles so that our message is both timeless and relevant. Times and facts will change, but principles are constant. We teach principles.
  • Data Driven: We recognize the value of experience, statistics, and scientific research while also being aware of their limits.
  • Results-Driven: Conventional wisdom is often a dangerous half-truth. We aren’t afraid to defy convention when it improves results and helps our clients. We judge ideas by the results they produce – not their political correctness.
  • Sustainable Growth: We seek natural, sustainable, long-term growth through a product quality focus. We are not afraid to market our services but we believe that the best advertising is a satisfied customer. We will never bite more than we can chew and if that means refusing new clients because we would otherwise lose quality, so be it.
  • Community Developed: We produce and maintain product quality by sourcing our community to assure content is maximally relevant. We update our content based on client feedback and survey them to enquire of their need for new ressources.
  • Gimmick Free: We never attempt to increase sales by applying clever promotion techniques based on false promises. We tell you what it is and how it is.
  • NO Get-Rich-Quick: You won’t get rich quickly using the methods we propose. You might get less poor slowly though.
  • Leave No Man Behind: We price our products and services so that we are able to cover our infrastructure costs and make a fair profit. But we are willing to squeeze that profit to a minimum for cases where people justifiably can’t afford the full price of our services.