Hey! I’m Yann


I’m here to show you how to use money as a tool to reach your life goals.

Here is what MyMoneyPlan is about:

I believe that money is a great servant but a terrible master. Rule over it and it will do wonders for you. Let it control you and you will never experience joy again (is that too over the top? Probably, but you see where I’m getting at…).

MyMoneyPlan.ch was born out of two realizations:

  1. Too often people let money rule their lives either by not having enough and worrying about it or by greedily accumulating it without any goal. Both are terrible.
  2. The amount of information available on personal finance and investment is overwhelming and yet there is very little that is specific to Switzerland in English.

MyMoneyPlan.ch solves these problems by showing anyone how to take control of their finances.

When I was 15, I decided that I didn’t want to be a slave to anyone (yeah, I was such a rebel…). Not to my boss and not to my banker. I wanted to be free to do meaningful work without worrying about a paycheck. And I haven’t looked back since.

After studying physics and engineering at EPFL and ETHZ, I’ve worked as an engineer since 2011, and started teaching about money in 2019.

It took me time to find it, but this is my meaningful work. Meaningful to me, that is. I love how someone’s life can become shifted by a change of perspective. I love watching people break free from wrong preconceptions about what their life should be like.

My goal is to see as many people as possible harness the power of money to do whatever they want to do. Whether that is traveling the world, save the dolphins or simply spending more time with their families.